About us

Homeurbano is a reliable platform that connects those looking for furnished accommodations to those who offer them, in a quick and secure way. We are the solution in accommodations for foreigners!

The company was born in response to the current globalized world, where it is more common for people to move from one country to another to complete their study programs, to work, or to start new challenges.

Our online platform give you the option to choice from hundreds of accommodations previously visited and verified by our staff in person.

For those that are looking for accommodations, we offer clear and transparent descriptions about the properties, with pictures and maps of the location, which give enough information for booking, even before arriving in the country.

We support owners to rent their properties in an fast and easy way, saving time and effort. We guide them at making their booking and contract leases in a secure and relaible way.

The best, a staff motivated and ready to support you at all times!

Your home everywhere