Ideas to make your room look bigger

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Are you moving to a small apartment? or did you rent a furnished apartment that is not very spacious? May this not be a problem! There are many ways and options for design and decoration to make your room look bigger, just follow these recommendations!


ideas para que tu habitacion se va mas grande


  • Order, order and order: As we said in previous posts, this tip to take advantage of all the space of your piece is the key, since everything will look cleaner, spacious and bright. It is advisable to use stackable boxes or organizers that you can store in your closet or under your bed so that they do not use the floor or more space.

  • The indicated furniture: The choice of furniture to decorate or re-decorate your room and make it look bigger, is also essential. Using vertical furniture helps contain many objects, clothes, books, etc., using little space. Another tip is to be able to use multifunctional furniture, such as a small chair or a floor that serves as a nightstand and also for sitting.

  • Light colors and pastels: If you want your room to look bigger, then it is recommended that you choose light colors or pastels for decoration and painting, trying to avoid very marked contrasts, prints too striking or all that together, but, what does using these colors help with room space? Only the lighting. Having a bright room, the spaces look more spacious, tidy and clean.


What other tips to make your room look bigger do you know?