My office is my house, how can I decorate it?

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Working from home or your apartment is increasingly common. Being independent or freelance your home space also becomes your work space and the functionalities of things like furniture, bed or terrace, are no longer only used to rest, but now also to work.


This has multiple benefits such as saving on travel and transportation, managing your own times and breaks, but it also has challenges such as organizing your times so as not to procrastinate and meet the goals and objectives of your work without spending all day in bed watching Netflix. A very good help is to separate and define your space to work at home. Do you want to know how? Here we advise you!


mi oficina es mi casa como puedo decorarla


  • Choose your space wisely: It can be the corner of your room or the dining room of your apartment, the idea is to enable a different space to your bed or places of rest to be able to concentrate on the work to be done and not be easily distracted. A recommendation when choosing your space to work from home is to look for a place with lighting, ideally natural and install lamps for those night jobs in front of the computer. Having chosen the place, the design and decoration becomes easier.

  • Decorate with positive elements: Already having the defined space, it is time to choose a style to start decorating and with it, it is good to add positive memories to your work space as postcards of last trip, decoration objects inherited by your loved ones, incenses or aromatherapy to boost your creativity and concentration.

  • White and pastel colors: These colors are ideal to give a light and spacious effect to the rooms or small spaces. White and pastel colors bring light and help make your workplace look clean and sober. If you want to decorate your home office, we recommend not using very strong colors such as black that generate a lot of noise and little harmony.

  • Organization and cleaning: If you use your home as an office it is good to be organized and organized, but it is very easy to get distracted. It is good to have organizing boxes for storing cables, notebooks, etc.


What advice do you know to decorate your home office?