Tips to decorate your living room from the beginning

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When you rent or buy a new apartment one of the most entertaining (but also challenging) things is to decorate your living room. Thousands of ideas, designs, colors and textures cross your mind and that's where you can make some mistakes, since the joy of starting from scratch is very enriching, but how can I decorate my room without making a mistake? Here we show you some stages that are important to start decorating and furnishing!


  • Measure, imagine and draw: When entering your apartment the spaces of your living room may seem much smaller than you remembered in the beginning, but it is only your idea (which is completely normal) so it is recommended before buying furniture and objects for decoration, measure your space and draw sketches of where you want to place the main furniture (table, armchair, bookcase, etc). A very good mobile application that will help you with this is MagicPlan, which allows you to measure the space of your living room with the camera or enter the measurements for the plan, then add furniture as you want and size the space.

  • Furniture first: With the measures ready and the purchases made, it is time to start placing the furniture in your living room. It is advisable to start large furniture such as the sofa or armchair. This is better in the longest wall of your living room. Make sure the furniture does not obstruct your step or that of your future guests. Place the carpets so that you can delimit the areas or environments of your living and dining room, and then continue placing the other objects such as bookshelves, shelves, television, etc.


tips para decorar tu living desde cero


  • The interior of your living room: Having the largest furniture installed and the clear idea of how you want to decorate your living room, it is time to put smaller furniture such as side tables, chairs, arrimos, curtains and lamps. You may be wondering, what if I don't like how I'm decorating? Well, this is the right time to make changes!


  • Final step, ornaments!: This can be the most entertaining part, since they are the final touches of the decoration for your living room. It is also a very personal process, since in a way you capture your personality and tastes in small things that gradually begin to warm your new apartment.

tips para decorar tu living desde cero


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