How to take advantage of the natural light of my apartment?

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Is there anything cuter than light entering through the window? Enter and illuminate your entire room, without asking for permission or apologies, simply filling your bedroom or living room with white tones that can lift your spirits or make the objects you have in your room look more beautiful than they already are. That's how natural light is magical. Do you want to know some tricks to take advantage of it?


como aprovechar la luz natural de mi departamento


  • Paints and light colors: If something can help to take advantage of the natural light of your apartment, it is the light and white colors that we use when painting our walls and ceilings, as well as the colors you choose in your furniture. This is advised because light or white colors multiply or reflect the incoming natural light, unlike the darker ones that require light and power.

  • Mirror, mirror: A classic of classics to use in your decoration. If you want to take advantage of the natural light of your apartment, you must have mirrors, because they reflect the light instead of absorbing it. For example: hanging a large mirror or several mirrors on the wall opposite a window will double the light that will enter your room.

  • Take advantage of your windows: By saying that you take advantage of your windows it is not an invitation so that you do not place curtains and be visible to all your neighbors, but at the time of buying or choosing a curtain, you choose one that does not block sunlight, but some that allow sunlight to enter easily as simple transparent genres or Venetian blinds where you can control the entry or exit of light.