The best songs for the day of your move

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Moving home or apartment brings many emotions and efforts, whether physical or sentimental. Many times change means positive things like new beginnings and challenges, but you also don't have to forget that memories are left behind. That's why on this important day we made a compilation of the best songs for the day of your move. We will go through different styles, times and emotions. What is your favorite song?


las mejores canciones para el dia de tu mudanza


1) Joy and motivation: One of the main emotions when it comes to moving is joy, energy and motivation. For that we chose three of the happiest songs ever. Who can resist singing and dancing while packing a box?


2) Power!: Are the energies already declining? o are you tired yet? Do not stop! Hold on for another moment and then give rise to a deserved rest. Here we leave you two songs to recharge your batteries.


3) A well-deserved rest: The day passed quickly and it is time to take a few minutes to rest, eat something and listen to more calm and relaxed songs. Here we leave you two relaxed songs that will help you continue with the move.