3 infallibles for your apartment

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Each apartment tells a different story through its furniture and decoration; and every detail speaks of the person who lives there: his personality, style, tastes, routine, passions, etc. The mixtures or not, of certain objects generate an atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable and comfortable in your space, but although all the apartments and people are different, there are some inevitable that you have to have in your furnished apartment. Here we tell you what they are!


3 infaltables para tu departamento


  • Plants and more plants: For some in excess, for others one or another. It does not matter the quantity but the multiple benefits that these green friends have and not only for their contribution to the decoration of our apartment, but they recharge us with energy, clean the oxygen of our home and reduce external noise.


  • Mirrors: Mirrors are key in decoration and lighting, as they amplify and enhance the natural light of your apartment. This is why it becomes one of the infallible objects that you must have in your furnished apartment. No matter the size, they can be large mirrors or have multiple small mirrors.


  • Comfortable armchair: The living room is a space where you receive your guests and also where you rest. It is an object in which you have to invest and not only because it is the center of your decoration, but because it is a space that has to be comfortable for you and others. What would our afternoons be without him?


3 infaltables para tu departamento