How to take advantage of the terrace of my apartment?

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The sun is here to stay and there is nothing better than to receive it on the terrace of your furnished apartment. In Homeurbano we show you some options to make the most of your terrace and make it your resting place with a unique and innovative design.


  • Open the living room to the terrace: If your apartment, like your terrace does not have much space, in Homeurbano we recommend on sunny days to open the window of your living room that directs to your balcony to join the interior and exterior of your home. In order to generate this “union” between both spaces, it is good to have a design and decoration with similar tones and aesthetics.

  • Don't forget the corners of your terrace!: One of the biggest mistakes in using your terrace to the fullest is to forget the corners. Mostly tables and chairs are concentrated in the center, leaving the corners for plants or decorations. We recommend using the corners of your terrace whether circular, square or rectangular. In this space you can place a piece of furniture as a bookcase, a table, a bench, an armchair or corner sofa, etc. There are many ideas!

  • Folding furniture, the perfect solution: To make the most of your terrace the most optimal is to use folding tables and chairs, tables with the capacity to increase or decrease their size, shelves adapted to corners, among others. There are no rules when decorating or redesigning your terrace to make the most of it.


como aprovechar al maximo la terraza de mi departamento


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