3 ideas to bring spring to your furnished apartment

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Spring is here to stay and with it, the trees that have already opened with their flowers, the sun entering through your window and the fresh air that fills your apartment in the afternoon, but, how can you take advantage of this season of the year in your home?. One of the biggest mistakes made by people who want to impregnate themselves with spring is to fill themselves with flowers in all their forms: as pillowcases, cutlery, pictures, etc. This can cause an overload of colors and designs in your apartment, it is for the same reason that in Homeurbano we give you some decoration recommendations, design and tips to welcome you to spring in your furnished apartment in the best way.



tres ideas para llevar la primavera a tu departamento amoblado


  • Plants and flowers: Everything in balance is always good, and there is no better way to bring spring to your apartment than with plants and flowers. In addition to being decorative elements, they bring you various benefits such as oxygenation of the air, relaxation and improvement of mood. Another benefit of having your apartment with plants and flowers is that they always bring a touch of freshness.


  • The return of colors: Spring is equal to color and for the welcome of this season it is good that you play with all the color palette that it has to offer. From electric and pure colors to softer tones and pastels, where to use them? Well, from painting for your furniture and walls, to the smallest objects of decoration.


  • The search for light: Another benefit of the arrival of spring is the constant entry of natural light into our apartment. This light illuminates every corner giving heat to your home, but how to take advantage of the natural light of spring? Use mirrors in your decoration because it is these who reflect and bounce the light or take advantage of the windows and windows that are in your furnished apartment using curtains that do not block the natural sunlight so sharply.


Do you have any other ideas to bring spring to your apartment? We read you!