Immigration and the Real Estate Market: Friends or Rivals?

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Immigration problem - Housing

According to data published in March 2020 by the National Statistics Institute, there are 1,492,522 habitual foreign residents, which implies a relative increase of 19.4% compared to 2018 (INE, 2020).

There are important differences in how immigrants live compared to locals, at least in the first stage from arrival in the country. According to the graph, the incidence of leasing is significantly higher among immigrants (CEP, 2019).


la inmigracion y el mercado inmobiliario


The unknown is under what conditions immigrants rent accommodation. Traditional brokerages request a large amount of background information that newcomers to the country do not yet have, so they are rejected as candidates to lease.


Private solutions - Homeurbano

As a solution to the problem, we have Homeurbano. Reliable platform that quickly and securely connects those looking for furnished accommodation and those who offer it.

Homeurbano allows foreigners newly arrived in the country to rent a furnished accommodation in a flexible way, in many cases, just by presenting their passport. The company has a 13-year history and in those years it has leased furnished apartments to immigrants from more than 80 countries.

Seekers (tenants) are offered clear and transparent descriptions and photos of the properties published on the website, which are personally verified by the team, as well as support in the booking, payment and leasing process, even before reach the country, allowing immigrants to have hundreds of options to choose from according to their budget and needs.



Immigration problems are several, one of which is housing, where the traditional rental market does not allow the inclusion of immigrants who have recently arrived in the country. Homeurbano unites technology and inclusion to generate more and better opportunities in the search for rent of a furnished apartment, at fair prices and with a reliable and transparent system that supports them in their stay from start to finish.



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