Choose the interior design for your furnished apartment

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What differentiates one apartment from another? Its maybe space or location, but the most important thing is its interior design because this is what will make you feel comfortable. When you rent a furnished apartment it seems that its design is in the background, but it does not always have to be that way, since there are many options that Homeurbano offers you when choosing your accommodation and making your new home perfect and your measure.


elige el diseno de interior para tu departamento amoblado


Many times your personality, trade or plans that you have when renting are what define the interior design of your furnished apartment. Minimalist, rustic or classic? These styles vary, but do you know their difference? If not, here we explain:

  • "Minimalist" interior design: They are modern and functional spaces. This idea came up with the desire to simplify all aspects of your daily life and avoid clutter. They are spaces with few furniture, efficient and practical, such as: the furniture must be modern, folding, multifunctional and have to follow regular forms.

  • "Rustic" interior design: If you want to look for a cozy, warm and ethnic design, this style maybe your favorite. One of its main features are the use of natural wood, the abundance of old or vintage pieces as decoration and neutral colors such as white or raw, but how do I get "vintage" elements to complement the design? Fairs, fairs and fairs! That's where you can find the best old objects, books or pallets that you can redesign to make your apartment an even more beautiful place.

  • "Classic" interior design: It is a favorite for many, since this vintage style never goes out of style. It is elegant and timeless. The wide spaces and with great lighting are the favorites for this type of design that recall history with its pompous, vintage and delicate decoration. This style is a combination of modern design with the "era of lights" in France.


If you are looking for a furnished apartment rental, keep these tips in mind when choosing your next accommodation.

What is your favorite interior design?