4 benefits of renting a furnished apartment

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If the hotel rooms already bored you or if you think that renting a room in a foreign house is not a good option, it may be time for you to know some of the benefits of renting a furnished apartment in Homeurbano. This online platform allows you to choose from hundreds of accommodations verified and personally visited by our team. We are the intermediaries between the owner and the tenant so that both have the best coordination and communication at the time of renting, but what are the benefits of renting a furnished apartment?


4 beneficios de arrendar un depto amoblado


  • You just have to enjoy: Renting a furnished apartment gives you one of the greatest pleasures: skipping the move, and with it the hauling of furniture, the worry of moving things, among others. Get rid of that burden and simply enjoy living in your space.

  • To be able to choose freely: Another of the benefits of renting furnished apartments is the multiple options, designs and decorations that exist and that adapt to your tastes and needs of the moment. From your computer you can choose the place, the time you want to rent, as well as see 360° photographs and real descriptions of the space.

  • The time you need it: One month? 6 months? One year? It just depends on you and the dates you want to stay. You just have to choose the day of arrival and departure on our web portal.

  • Quick and easy!: Our platform to rent is very easy to use. You just have to go to www.homeurbano.com and choose the sector where you want to live and dates of entry and departure. Our people will contact you immediately to coordinate visits and answer all your questions.


There are many benefits of renting a furnished apartment in Homeurbano. Which one is your favorite?