Can I have a pet in my apartment?

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One of the biggest problems of Catlovers or Doglovers when renting a furnished apartment or house is the prohibition of having animals, whether they are dogs or cats, but attention! That all is not lost.


puedo tener una mascota en mi departamento


This year an indication was presented from the Ministry of Housing that seeks to prevent condominium and building regulations prohibiting the possession of pets. Do you want to know how this possible modification will work? Here we explain it to you!


According to the Undersecretariat of Regional and Administrative Development, in the Metropolitan Region there are 28 thousand animals that live in apartments, out of a total of 181 thousand registered pets. Many of these cases have problems with the tenants or neighbors, for various reasons: annoying noises, possible carelessness of the owners with pets, etc., that trigger the prohibition of pets in these properties. It is this same indication that the modification to the law of real estate co-ownership seeks to reverse, since this same prohibition contradicts the current law 21.020 that indicates the obligation of the person responsible for the pet to keep it in his home or place destined to his careful, and prohibits its abandonment.


It is for these same reasons that in Homeurbano we care about all the members of your family (even if they have four legs) and you can decide to rent a furnished apartment. We take care of finding rental spaces that allow pets.