How can I rent my furnished apartment?

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Giving a furnished apartment for rent these days is becoming increasingly difficult, being one of its causes the increase in the varied offer, but do not worry! In Homeurbano we take care of publishing your apartment on our online platform and totally free. Do you want to know the benefits of renting your furnished apartment with us? Here we leave you three very good reasons!


como puedo arrendar mi departamento amoblado


  • It's free: Our service is completely free for those who offer their properties. If you are interested you just have to contact us through our page or by calling us directly at our offices and our team will contact you to coordinate a visit to your apartment. We will advise you on the price to be published that will be governed by the place, characteristics of the space and services close to the apartment offered. We will also recommend the possible equipment of your apartment to be even more quoted by our potential customers.

  • We take care: To be able to publish your apartment on our platform, first of all we coordinate a visit with our photographer, who will bring out the best of your apartment through its lens with various photographs and technologies such as videos and 360° photos that it allows you to capture photos in which the viewer sees the image as if it were inside it. On that same visit a form will be delivered so you can provide all the information of your furnished apartment.

    Subsequently, the photographs will be edited and uploaded to our platform where our executives will be in charge of contacting your potential clients.

  • Multiple clients: More than 1,000 people seek rent of furnished apartments on our page annually and who are waiting for accommodation according to their needs. What are you waiting to publish with us?