Decorate my baby's room

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One of the things that add up to the list, knowing that you will be a mother or father, is your child's room: What color will I paint it? How will I design it? What toys will I put?. Many of these questions think only of the external design of the bedroom, but we forget the functionality of the room, that is, to adapt the piece to the physical and emotional needs of our children to adapt them to their rhythms. In addition, another crucial factor is space. In an apartment the spaces of the rooms are reduced so you have to use ingenuity to take advantage of every corner of your furnished apartment.


decorar la habitacion de mi bebe


Here are some recommendations to decorate your child's room in a more conscious way in your apartment.


  • Mattress on the floor: Although it sounds crazy, some experts recommend that the children's first beds be located on the floor. The reason is simple, and having the mattress on the floor allows the baby to go up and down without falling, allowing him independence to move in his room and a space to increase his daily learning, since conventional cribs limit the freedom of movement in babies, often generating anxiety.

  • Everything at your height: What is the use of having toys, clothes and other objects if your child cannot reach them? Being all in height, babies can not grab, play and try the things they want, so it is recommended when decorating and designing your baby's room, is that everything is up to them. For example: A small table and small chair or a shelf where your toys are at your height. Another of its benefits is that when the baby grows, the room also changes with it, adjusting to its processes, rhythms and tastes.

  • Mirror in the room: It is also recommended when decorating your baby's room, place a mirror at the height of your child, but what is the purpose? It allows the child to form a self-concept of himself, and to know himself as an individual being other than the mother, stimulates the movement of the baby, allows him to see the environment and is a stimulus to start raising his head.


Keep these recommendations in mind when you start decorating and designing your baby's room in your apartment.