Avoid these 4 mistakes when living in a small apartment

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More and more people start their lives in small apartments. The small spaces often overwhelm us and furnish or decorate become challenges, but quiet, since we will talk about the most common mistakes when living in a small apartment to avoid them.


  • Decorate the floor and forget the walls: When decorating or re-decorating, in the case of furnished apartments, the walls must be taken into account and used as a support. There are quite a few elements that can go on the walls and thus leave free spaces to travel. For example: use a folding table as a desk or dining room, then store it and leave room for transit.


  • Place many objects to decorate: The first commandment when living in a small apartment is order. One of the recommendations is to use organizing boxes to place on shelves or closet and store unused objects. In addition, it is not good to overload the decoration with many objects. Disorder called disorder.


  • Do not take advantage of the natural light of your apartment: Natural light is a great ally when you live in a small apartment, as it enlarges the spaces and softens them. To achieve this result it is advisable to take advantage of sales with thin fabric curtains so that light enters and fills the space.


  • Use many small furniture: It is better to use a large armchair than two or three small ones, the reason? Space is lost by having too many furniture that finally have the same usability. It is always good to use multifunctional furniture such as beds with storage, two-seater cabins with sofas that convert into futon or have a desk below.


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