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How does Homeurbano manage security deposits?

How does Homeurbano manage security deposits?

They are managed by Homeurbano and corresponds to one of the company's policies, which seeks to give transparency and speed to the management processes and returns of security deposits.

The security deposit is returned at the end of the rent period, it is usual to be delivered immediately after the accommodation is restored, after the owner has reviewed the place and informed Homeurbano about the status of the accommodation and possible discounts to be made (indicating detail and amount). With that information and both parties agree, the corresponding returns will be made.

There are events in which the owner may require that the guarantee be retained for up to 7 days, extendable in justified cases, for example, when there is damage to the accommodation, late service accounts that must be regularized, among others.

In this case, Homeurbano will act as a mediator.