Homeurbano is certified in the ISO quality standard

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Being able to be sure that the company with which you are going to receive a service is certified by international standards can give you greater satisfaction and security when buying or using the service, but do you know what is an ISO quality standard? If not, here we will show you what is its functionality and the multiple benefits that a company has to be certified with these international regulations.


The main objective is to satisfy the customer with the conformity of products and services provided. These standards are met voluntarily by the company and every six months, an agent of a certifying body performs an audit of registered companies in order to ensure that the conditions imposed by ISO 9001 are met, but what is? It is a standard that focuses on customer satisfaction and the ability to provide products and services that meet the internal and external requirements of the organization by monitoring their daily activities. Today, the ISO 9001 standard is the most renowned standard and the most used around the world, being used by more than one million organizations and companies.


With all this in mind, what benefits do you get as a Homeurbano customer when we know that we are certified to ISO?


  • Customer satisfaction is first: As an ISO-certified organization, we have changed our business perspective by ceasing to focus on the product as such and directing our concerns and efforts towards the client, constantly seeking to meet their needs through four basic pillars: quality, relationship, prices and benefits.


homeurbano esta certificado en la normativa de calidad ISO


  • Search for continuous improvement: By adopting this culture to improve our organizational processes, as a client you can find greater efficiency in processes and interaction. For example: if a problem occurs with a rental of your furnished apartment, the resolution of the problem would be more effective and increase the speed of recovery year after year.

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