The best cooking tips and trends for your apartment

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The kitchen is a meeting point. That's where the magic of food and combinations that you can offer in a meeting with friends, couple or just for you begins, so it is essential that you feel comfortable with its design. Many will wonder if it is possible that a small kitchen, as is the case of the apartments, has style and are practical at the same time. Of course! Here we give you some tips and advice to improve and take advantage of your kitchen in the best way with the most entertaining trends.


los mejores consejos y tendencias de cocina para tu departamento


  • Define your style!: When choosing your furnished apartment, it is important to be clear about what type of style you are looking for in decoration and design, as this could help you to be more clear about how you want to decorate your kitchen. Do you like minimalist style? Rustic? or Classic?. With this clear stage, the design of your kitchen will be much easier to find.

  • Accessories are the key: If you have already defined a little better the style you are looking for in an apartment, the accessories, colors, shapes and objects that you want to use to bring your kitchen to life will be much easier to achieve. For example: A salt shaker with a minimalist style, a ladle for soup or brightly colored pans or cakes, but where to find them? Antique fairs are always a good option, since what you buy will be unique, but you can also find accessories to design your kitchen.

  • Take advantage of all your space: When living in an apartment the spaces are a little smaller, but that is not why you have to lose the design and style. Use vertical furniture and simple lines, avoiding pompous and bulky designs so that you can move freely in your apartment, it is also advisable, for example, to take advantage of the space of the doors and hang mirrors.


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