Best panoramas for the weekend in Santiago

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Are you visiting Santiago of Chile? or do you want to find different scenarios for this weekend? Although your reasons are different, at Homeurbano we recommend a list of unique panoramas and activities that you can do from the beginning of your day to the night: coffee shops, parks, hills, art cinema and discos. Meet the best panoramas to spend your weekend in Santiago of Chile!


  • Unique coffee shops: As we told you in previous posts, Santiago being a cosmopolitan capital has a varied range of coffee shops that adapt to your tastes and interests. To start your day with a shot of energy, we recommend some coffee shops that are unique for the services and coffee beans they offer. If you're a fan of egg and coffee, Eggy, located in the heart of Providencia, delivers 12 options to try it. The most recommended is "pochado", a crispy toast, with avocado, poached egg on top and a small salad with cherry tomatoes and watercress. These dishes can accompany them with a specialty coffee "latte" that can be with whole milk, lactose free, soy or skim. To know more about coffee shops located in Providencia and Lastarria, click here.


  • Park day and hills: After starting your day with a good breakfast, Homeurbano recommends you take advantage of the day in a park and tour the green areas of Santiago. If you want a long walk, we recommend The Metropolitan Park of Santiago, it is the largest green lung of the capital that joins the San Cristobal Hill, Chacarillas and Los Gemelos. Among its attractions are trails, viewpoints, swimming pools, the National Zoo, cultural and funicular enclosures. If your time is more limited, a good option is the Santa Lucia Hill which has a French architecture since 1872 and has trails, terraces and squares.


  • Cinema art: Another panorama that Homeurbano recommends to you to know the cultural wing of Santiago is the art cinema and galleries where you can find various national and international films and various art exhibitions. In Alameda Art Cinema you can find these two things together, since in addition to having a varied non-commercial billboard, on weekends, multiple fairs of different themes use the space to sell their products. Another option is the Normandie Art Cinema, one of the oldest cinemas in the capital.


  • Discoteque and bars: Santiago as a cosmopolitan capital has multiple spaces to dance, drink and meet many people. If you are looking for alternative or yesteryear music, the Blondie discoteque is always a good option, since it has four environments of different musical styles and a very wide space with different platforms and bars. It is located steps from the Unión Latinoamericana metro, Line 1.


mejores panoramas para el fin de semana en santiago