National Museum of Fine Arts in Santiago


The most prominent and most visited museums in Santiago are:

Other interesting museums are the 3 houses where the poet, Chilean politician and Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda lived. These residences, attract since years Chileans and other foreign tourist around the world. La Chascona, Isla Negra and La Sebastiana are the names of the three houses museum, which opens its doors to the public from Tuesday to Sunday. The Chascona is located in Santiago, in the neighbourhood of Bellavista in the commune of Providencia. La Isla Negra is located in El Quisco, province of San Antonio, V Region, in the street poet Neruda. Lastly, La Sebastiana is located in Ferrari 692, Valparaiso, V Region.

For more information about Pablo Neruda museums you can visit the Pablo Neruda Foundation.