Public Transport in Santiago


The public transport system in Santiago is designed for a dynamically and smoothly traffic flow. With its convenient access and modern transportation, you can travel throughout the city of Santiago.

In recent years various highways have been built, connecting Santiago with the highways in the north (Autopista Aconcagua) and in the south (Autopista del Maipo). Moreover the Pacific highway (Autopista del Pacífico), one of the most travelled of Chile, connects the metropolitan area with Valparaíso and Viña del Mar.

The transportation system in the metropolitan region offers different alternatives to move within Santiago or to other cities of Chile.

In Santiago's the most common transports are: transantiago (buses), metro, collective taxis (black colour and have space for more passengers on a predetermined route), which run through almost all communes of Santiago.

If you want to travel in Chile, there are three options: planes, trains and intercity buses. Each of them has different characteristics depending on the destination and you can choose according to your needs.