Metro of Santiago


The Metro in Santiago de Chile is one of the most modern transportation in Latin America. It has 5 lines covering most of the city and is currently expanding into new sectors. It is fast, secure and its lines are easily identified by colour:

  • Línea 1 (Red)
  • Línea 2 (Yellow)
  • Línea 4 (Blue)
  • Línea 4A (Navy Blue)
  • Línea 5 (Green)

There are several different central stations where you can change the lines with other lines, which are:

  • - Station Baquedano
  • - Station Los Héroes
  • - Station Santa Ana
  • - Station Tobalaba
  • - Station Vicuña Mackenna
  • - Station Vicente Valdés
  • - Station La Cisterna

You can pay this transportation either with your Bip card or through a ticket, which can be purchased at the counters in the Metro stations. For students it is also possible to receive a discount, on request. The prices will depend on the time during the day:

  • - Horario Punta (Rush Hour) (07.00am a 08.59am y 18.00pm a 19.59pm)
  • - Horario Valle (06.30am a 06.59am; 09.00am a 17.59pm; 20.00pm a 20.44pm)
  • - Horario Low (06.00am a 06.29am; 20.45pm a 23.00pm)

For more information you can visit the website of Metro of Santiago.