Neighbourhood - Santiago

Neighbourhood de Santiago

Santiago was founded on February the 12th, 1541 with the name “Santiago de la Nueva Extremadura”. Santiago, capital of Chile, which has a total of 37 communes (villages), in which is also the commune of Santiago, which is usually called Santiago Centro in order to distinguish it from Santiago Capital.

Nowadays in Chile there are several international researchs, placing Santiago de Chile among the best cities in Latin America for business and study. Moreover, it is noted for its safety and other favourable factors.

The main communities, which are chosen by foreigners, are Providencia, Las Condes and Santiago. Those have the largest supply of furnished apartments, rooms in shared apartments, student residences and apart hotels. There are also other options, though with fewer offers of furnished accommodations, which are in the districts of Vitacura, Ñuñoa and Recoleta.

More information about Santiago and its neighbourhoods can be found in Wikipedia.