Neighbourhood Concha y Toro - Press Freedom Square - Santiago

Neighbourhood Concha y Toro

The neighbourhood Concha y Toro is among the streets of Alameda, Erasmo Escala, Cumming y Brazil, in the west area of the city of Santiago de Chile. It is characterized by its cobbled streets and old mansions that reflect the elegance and richness of the early twentieth century. Between 1870 and 1876, as a result of mining and the discovery of Silver, many Chileans achieved great wealth, including Enrique Concha y Toro.

Generally, homes have an eclectic historicism, and were designed by the great architects of the time, achieving great harmony, despite having different styles (neo-gothic, neo-classical, baroque and academic). The aim was to reproduce the European neighbourhood, so he built a neighbourhood with short curved streets around the plaza Du Pont (today´s Libertad de Prensa).

From the Alameda it is possible to appreciate the Teatro Carrera, which was designed by the architects Gustavo Monckeberg and Jose Aracena in 1927. Nowadays the National monument, which main façade – facing the Alameda – is a modernist composition with some classic elements.

One of his many architectural icons is the Plaza Libertad de Prensa. This cobbled square, adorned with a fountain at its center has been representative for films and advertising campaigns with European character.

How to get there: the access is easy as it is within walking distance from the Metro station República. In addition it is possible to take the bus through the Av. Bernando O´Higgins (Alameda).

More information about the neighbourhood Concha y Toro of Santiago can be found Wikipedia and Municipality of Santiago.