Las Condes - Metro Escuela Militar - Santiago

Las Condes

Las Condes is a commune in the eastern area of the Great Santiago en Chile, along with the commune of Providencia and Santiago are the financial and tourist center of the Chilean capital. The commune is mainly inhabited by families with higher incomes.

Las Condes has become one of the most representative places of Santiago in the twenty-first century, with a huge diversity in its neighbourhoods (from gastronomic and commercial office sectors till high-end residences) as well as an interesting combination of innovative urban architecture, large parks and various shopping centers.

With an area of almost 100km², Las Condes has a population of 250,000 inhabitants.

The commune is home to major financial districts also known as Sanhatten and the neigherbourhood El Golf with offices of large companies.

It is also characterized by the large number of green areas and shopping centers like the Apumanque located in the Metro station Manquehue. The Parque Arauco is located next to Parque Araucano in Las Condes.

As for transportation, part of the commune is crossed by Metro Línea 1 (Roja), Furthermore, it has several public bus transport lines from Transantiago especially at Av. Apoquindo, which is the continuation of Av. Providencia.

More information about Las Condes can be found in Wikipedia and Municipalidad of Las Condes..