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Neighbourhood Italia

The neighbourhood Italia is a place between the municipalities (communes) of Providencia and Ñuñoa of Santiago and is known throughout the sector that surrounds the Avenida Italia.

The neighbourhood was developed in the early twentieth century and is a culinary and artistic circuit. The district has various types of colonial houses, mixed with new businesses as well as several artists, designers, teachers of gastronomy, youth and small businesses and garages.

The first ones who observed the cultural potential of the district Italia were antique dealers and restores who settled in the street Cuapolicán during the 1970s and who remodelled the environment in 2002.

Nowadays the neighbourhood Italia is in a process of urban renewal for several reasons. Among this, the restless movement of the market and the economy of the city, which has being seen as a special place to host various shops and the actual management of the residents and users of the neighbourhood, who through a community organization, developed important outreach activities and promote the place.

How to get there: the simplest way is to go to Metro station Santa Isabel (Line 5, green) and from there walk towards the east. Another way is to take a bus from Transantiago through the Av. Salvador.

More information about the neighbourhood Italia can be found in Wikipedia and the website Mi Barrio Italia.