Sanhattan - World Trade Center - Santiago


Sanhatten is the popular name which a sector of Santiago de Chile received, which is located on the border of the communes (villages) of Providencia, Las Condes and Vitacura, in the east of the city. The sector has a lot of modern office buildings and has become since 1990 the principal financial center of the capital, displacing the traditional center of Santiago.

In this area the World Trade Center of Santiago is located, which represents currently over 85 countries, 300 cities and more than 750,000 business contacts. In Santiago it has 180 offices and approximately 3,000 employees.

In 2012 it joined the sector of the Costanera Center, which are four building located at the intersection of Av Andrés Bello with Nueva Tajamar, a few meters from the Metro station Tobalaba. Its main building, the Gran Torre Santiago, being the highest building in Chile, has a total area of 128,000 square meters with a height of 300 meters. The building complex has a six – storey shopping mall and two hotels with four and five stars. Three of the four buildings are used for offices.

Nearby is the district El Golf, another important area for office of multinational companies.

More information about Sanhatten of Santiago can be found in Wikipedia.