Neighbourhood Brasil - Square Brasil - Santiago

Neighbourhood Brasil

The neighbourhood Brazil is located in the western sector of the district Cívico of Santiago. In the nineteenth century it was home to the more affluent families in Chile, which is why many of the buildings are palaces and residences with fashionable style of that time. Since the 1940 high-income residents began to migrate to other parts of the city, which was a decline of large residences due to high maintenance costs.

In recent years, the district Brazil has reborn to new life by the creation of different spaces for art, culture and recreation, as well as different cultural movements taking place in the area. Also located in the neighbourhood is the Danza de la Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano.

To this must be added the colourful contemporary architecture from the old residences and places add entertaining colours which provides the district of Brasil with more life. Many of the houses have been converted into bars, cafes, restaurants, theatres and more.

The neighbourhood received its name from the Av. Brazil and the Plaza Brasil, the latter located at the intersections of the streets of Av. Brasil with Huérfanos. The square was built in the twentieth century after the Municipality of Santiago bought the bland, whose inauguration was held in 1902.

How to get there: From the Metro station Cumming you will reach the center of the neighbourhood Brazil.

More information about the district of Brazil of Santiago can be found in Wikipedia and Municipality of Santiago.