Neighbourhood Bellavista - Restaurants - Santiago

Neighbourhood Bellavista

The district Bella Vista is an area of the city of Santiago de Chile, located between the north bank of the river Mapocho and Cerro San Cristóbal, with the street Pío Nono as the main street. In the beginning the area was a Catholic and aristocratic area, while nowadays popular bars are mixed with cultural centers and international restaurants.

The development of the district began in the colonial era, in which the area was known as La Chimba, with poor families living on the slopes of San Cristobal. With the construction of Puente Cal y Canto, La Chimba the other parts of the city were joined, and since the early nineteenth century began to develop urbanely.

The neighbourhood concentrates a wide art area, which is mainly represented by several theatres, some already established and other small alternatives offering interesting presentations.

Currently one of the main features of the district of Bellavista is the intense cultural activity with lively nightlife in pubs and clubs, which therefore is chosen by tourists and santiaguinos for going out during the night.

Among its attractions you can find:

  • La casa museo "La Chascona" de from Pablo Neruda.

  • Gastronomy, in the eastern sector of the neighbourhood Bellavista, in the street Constitución, between Dardignac and Antonia López de Bello, are gourmet restaurants offering their diversified service.

  • Funicular and access to the Parque Metropolitano de Santiago:, at the end of the street Pío Nono you will find the Funicular, which almost reaches the peak of Cerro San Cristobal, from which end you can walk up to the virgin.

How to get there: Just walking from the Metro station Baquedano north across the river Mapocho.

More information about the neighbourhood of Bellavista of Santiago can be found in Wikipedia.