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Neighbourhood Bellavista

The district of Bellavista of Santiago de Chile is considered today as the typical Zone. It is located in the commune of Recoleta, between the northern boundary of the Mapocho River and San Cristóbal Hill, near the Metro station Baquedano.

In the early years of the district, it was mainly inhabited by aristocratic Catholic families of Chile. However, over time the appearance of the neighbourhood began to change into a cultural center, combing bohemian college families and culinary crafting.

Nowadays Bellavista offers an intense cultural activity, combined with a lively nightlife, which includes great pubs and restaurants, spaces and also favourite meeting points for intellectuals and artists.

Walking through its streets, you may find important art galleries, theatres, lapis lazuli jewellery (typical stone from Chile) and important gastronomic scenarios.

If you are looking for a place, which offers a variety of activities, you should visit Patio Bellavist, where more than 80 stores are. Down the street are several restaurants, national and international restaurants as well as entertaining bars to enjoy a few drinks and have a relaxed conversation with your friends.

SIf you still have energy and want to dance, you can find in the same district enough of options and different styles of clubs to enjoy the nightlife.

For more information, visit Patio Bellavista.