The Municipal Theater of Santiago

Cine - Art and Theatre

Santiago de Chile has outstanding neighbourhoods, which are mostly concentrated with art galleries, theatres, cultural centers and public spaces.

Within the cultural offers of Santiago, we distinguish between: Theatres, cultural centers and cine – art.

Theatre, There are about 50 theaters in the capital of Santiago, with national and international plays of established and emerging artists, as well as opera concerts, symphony and ballets. The most important one is the Teatro Municipal, located at the 794 Agustinas Street in Santiago Centro, only a few steps from the Metro station Santa Lucia. Among the most prominent theatres of Santiago, are the Teatro Teletón, Teatro Caupolicán, Café del Teatro, Espacio Filomena, Gran Circo Teatro, Lastarria 90, Matucana 100, Centro Mori, Nescafé de las Artes, Sala Agustín Sire, Sala de Teatro La Olla and Sala GAM and many more.

Cine Art, There are several areas in Santiago, which are distinguished through their smaller cinemas, which are cosy and where you can see independent films, domestic as well as international. Among the most attractive cinemas you can find: Cine Arte Alameda, Cine UC, Cine Arte El Biógrafo, Cine Arte Normandie, Matucana 100 and many more.

Cultural Centers, Santiago has opened in the last few years, various cultural centers, presenting different artistic forms open to the public. There have also been various art galleries and exhibitions from established and independent artists. Within these cultural centers in Santiago are: Centro Cultural Gabriel Mistral, Galería 13, AFA, Sala Cero y Artespacio and others.