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Bars and Clubs

(Providencia, Neighbourhood Bellavista, Neighbourhood Brasil, Vitacura)

Santiago de Chile just a few years ago was known to be a quite capital without great options for nightlife lovers. However, today the situation has been reversed and the city has become an important point of the nightlife.

The minimum drinking age is 18 years and most establishments are open until 5:00am. Some clubs have free entry till 1:00am and in some you need to pay to enter.

Within the following neighbourhoods you can find nightlife activities and entertainment:

Providencia, is a sector known for its nightclubs and easy access (car, local buses, subways, taxis, etc.). This commune offers different places for entertainment: Orrego Luco (Metro Los Leones) and its surroundings, which have options for shopping, open their bars and pubs at 6:00pm. Very popular is the Happy Hour 2x1, which is offered in many bars as well as other avenues such as Manuel Montt, General Holley, Tobalaba and the neighbourhood Italia, which restaurants, bars and pubs have a reasonable price.

Neighbourhood Bellavista, is the district of Santiago de Chile which is known for its nightlife. It mixes different lifestyles, some of them are more quite and other with more movement. In the most relaxed you can see pubs, restaurants, cafes, bars, while the more active one offers, soda fountains and clubs.

Neighbourhood Brasil, is the district of Santiago de Chile, which attracts a lot of foreign backpackers for its extensive cultural and artistic life. It presents a wide range of alternative bars and cultural characteristics.

Vitacura, which is located in the eastern suburb of Santiago has emerged its nightlife over the time. On both sides of the streets, the avenues Tabancura and Vitacura, you can find bars and clubs. Their prices are not the most affordable ones but not very excessive. If you are looking for a quieter night in this commune, the Borde Río, a gastronomy center brings exclusive restaurants together, just waiting for you.