Sports - trekking


Santiago de Chile is a city prepared for the sport. Its long streets and plenty of mountains allowed developing different types of outdoor activities. Some of the sport activities are:

  • Trekking and alpine sports, This sport attracts both domestic and foreign people, presenting the possibility of excursions in the foothills of the Andes. Some of the hills in Santiago, where you can practice sports are: Manquehue, Pochoco, La Paloma and Provincia or you can go to the Cajón del Maipo, where you will find the Cerro El Morado, Embalse El Yeso and Termas del Plomo. Another interesting alternative is the Reserva Río Clarillo. Many of the hills are within large nature reserves, such as the Rio Clarillo.

  • Healthy spaces, Nowadays many public squares along Santiago de Chile, have exercise machines and therewith being outdoor gyms that offer sports, health improvement and leisure entertainment, totally free.

  • Fitness Centers, If you want a more upscale place for sports in Santiago de Chile, you can go to the Gym, where you can sign in for a monthly, quarterly or annually membership. Furthermore, in several districts of Santiago, you can play soccer or tennis for a rental fee.

  • There is also a shopping center dedicated exclusively to the sport, which is call Mall Sport, located in the commune of Las Condes, where you will find activities such as the artificial wave, climbing wall, ski trail and skating. The Mall Sport contains over 50 shops dedicated to trade clothes or sporting goods.

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