Transport at the airport of Santiago

Transport at the Airport

The international Airport of Chile is located in the north west of Santiago. To travel from the airport to the center of Santiago you have many alternatives. It is recommend to use the authorities of the airport, which feature identification.

Buses, there are companies like the Centro Puerto and TurBus are connecting the airport with different destinations of the Metro, in the western sector of the city. The main destinationsare the squares of Metro Los Héroes and Metro Pajaritos.

For more information you can directly visit the websites from the bus companies Centro Puerto and TurBus.

Minibuses / Transfer, For more information you can directly visit the websites from the bus companies

You can also use the service to travel from the center of Santiago to the airport, which must be booked in advance via telephone. As soon as this is arranged a minibus will pick you up at the indicated address. You should bear in mind to book early, since the minibus will pick up several other people before leaving to the airport.

For making a booking and having a look at the prices visit Transvip.

Taxis, If you are going to use a taxi, for your safety, it is recommended to only use the official taxis recommended by the Santiago airport.

You can find more information about the taxis in the following link from Taxi Oficial and Taxi Vip.

For more information about the transportation in the Airport, you can visit the official website of the Airport of Santiago and enter the "From and Towards the Airport".

As a tip, you should take care outside the airport, since there will be plenty of taxis and people offering transport services and they might be very persistent in offering their taxi vehicle. Be clear and strong in your decision, adding simple “No, thanks” and relate to the official airport services.

By just asking your queries to the airport staff, you are avoiding being deceived. For your safety, always prefer registered services and airport officials, those are easy to find and work 24 hours all year.