Shopping Alonso de Córdova

Avenue Alonso de Córdova

This neighbourhood expanded in the early nineties, when the first influential families begin to migrate, leaving their spacious houses, which then were transformed into boutiques, restaurants and clothing or decoration stores.

Alonso de Córdova preliminary exists in 6 blocks and designed for those who are seeking exclusivity when shopping in Santiago. Furthermore, it brings together prestigious international brands and fine boutiques with unique accessories.

his important Avenue is located at the intersection of the avenues Alonso de Córdova and Nueva Costanera in Vitacura. This luxurious avenue is also known for the Harvest Festival, an event that takes place since 1997 and has become a real tradition. It is organized by the Municipality of Vitacura with it Cultural Corporations, shops and galleries. The Harvest Festival involves the most important wineries in Chile and the world´s most famous brands.

The vehicular traffic is restricted, so the public can move freely and enjoy the wine tasting and various different shows.

In addition to clothing and decor, this neighbourhood has several art galleries.

For more information about the avenue Alonso de Córdova, you can visit Wikipedia.