Accommodation in Providencia - Santiago

Accommodation in Providencia

Providencia is one of the most popular districts of Santiago, when looking for accommodation. Especially the central location, good transportation, trade variety, entertainment places, spaces for sports and many more are speaking for this sector.

With 10 Metro stations crossing Providencia, such as Metro Los Leones and Metro Tobalaba, the sector is well connected through the public transport to the rest of the city. Its location is characterized by the trade that takes place in the main streets and many offices and corporate buildings.

Providencia has a wide range of accommodation, in which you can find: furnished apartments on a monthly renting base shared apartments, student residences and furnished apartments for a day or temporary rent (which are usually called apart-hotels).

The following table is the average monthly rental price for accommodation in Providencia from Homeurbano. The averages are according to Homeurbanos accommodation. Moreover, Homeurbano has also offers for higher values and more exclusive departments on request.

Monthly Average Rent in Providencia

Type of accommodation Price Average Monthly Rent
Furnished apartment (Studio) Between $290.000 clp and $350.000 clp
Furnished apartment with 1 room Between $400.000 clp and $500.000 clp
Furnished apartment with 2 rooms Between $500.000 clp and $700.000 clp
Furnished apartment with 3 rooms Between $550.000 clp and $900.000 clp
Furnished room (shared apartment) and student residence Between $140.000 clp and $250.000 clp

Values in pesos chilenos (CLP)

Map of Providencia

Providencia is bordered to the following districts: In the south by the commune of Ñuñoa, in the northwest by Recoleta, in the west by the commune of Santiago and in the east by the communes of La Reina and Las Condes. The central axis of Providencia are the Av. Providencia and Av. Nueva Providencia.

More information about Providencia can be found in Municipalidad de Providencia.