Accommodation in Vitacura - Ñuñoa - Recoleta - Santiago

Accommodation in other communities

Existen otras opciones de alojamientos en Santiago de Chile. Dentro de ellas es posible encontrar:

Vitacura: Is considered as one of the most exclusive district of Santiago de Chile. The street Alonso de Córdoba and the gastronomy sector at Borde Río, Parque Bicentenario and many other attractions make this community one of the most distinguished of Santiago. It is also an important business center for national and multinational companies, which have their offices there.

This is a good option for those who are looking for an accommodation in a residential and quiet area. With the absence of Metro stations, it’s a disadvantage for the ones who prefer a more central area.

Ñuñoa: Bordered in the north with Providencia it is characterized through its quiet neighbourhoods and is further away from the capital life. This sector is also connected by Line 4 and 5 of the Metro Santiago. It has a lot of shops, restaurants, services and cultural centers, from which the most important once are around Plaza Providencia, where the theatre of the Universidad Católica, one of the highlights of Santiago de Chile, is located.

Recoleta: this commune can be a good option to choose, which is bordered on the south – east with Providencia and Santiago (Center). With seven Metro station, it offers good access to tourism sectors such as, the neighbourhood Bellavist, the Cementario General and the Santuario de la Inmaculada Concepción. Getting away from the central areas, the prices for accommodations are more affordable.

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