Accommodation in Santiago

Accommodation in Santiago

The limits of the commune (village) of Santiago, which is also known as Santiago Center are the following: in the north its is bordered by the commune Renca, Independencia and Recoleta; in the west with Quinta Normal and the Estación Central; to the south by the communes Pedro Aquirre Cerda, San Miguel and San Joaquín and to the east by the communes of Providencia and Ñuñoa.

In this sector you will find more affordable furnished accommodation, compared to other areas of the city. One of the advantages of living in Santiago Center is its proximity to universities and institutions of the State of Chile. Furthermore the commune has various transportation options and a large number of offices and various types of businesses.

Within the range of furnished accommodations are daily and monthly rents for rooms, shared apartments and student residences.

The following list shows the average rental price for a type of accommodation in Santiago Center.

Monthly Average Rent in Santiago

Type of accommodation Price Average Monthly Rent
Furnished apartment (Studio) Between $ 200.000 clp and $300.000 clp
Furnished apartment with 1 room Between $ 270.000 clp and $390.000 clp
Furnished apartment with 2 rooms Between $ 350.000 clp and $500.000 clp
Furnished apartment with 3 rooms Between $ 450.000 clp and $600.000 clp
Furnished room (shared apartment) and student residence Between $ 120.000 clp and $190.000 clp

Values in pesos chilenos (CLP)

Map of Santiago

More information about Santiago can be found in Municipality de Santiago.