Security in the Neighbourhoods

Usually the communes (towns) of Santiago have different additional safety programs that are granted by the Carabineros de Chile(Police), so that all people move around and live in a quiet and safe neighbourhood. Las Condes for example has a background of shared security and neighbourhood watch, which regularly make voluntary contributions among residents, which are increasing the patrol cars running on the streets of the neighbourhood.

The Municipality of Santiago has developed a comprehensive security network, which includes security guards at malls, direct communication with neighbours and a plan called “for a safer Santiago”, in order to reduce street trading and crimes in the center of the city of Santiago.

Providencia, on its part, together with the Civil Protection and Neighbourhood Safety, encourages and supports prevention methods of citizens, while working with neighbourhood groups.

The following list addresses various police stations in the towns of Las Condes, Providencia and Santiago.

Las Condes
  • Safety telephone number 1402.
  • 17ª Police Station, Las Tranqueras N° 840.
  • 47ª Police Station, Los Dominicos, Camino El Alba N° 9210.
  • Safety telephone number 1414.
  • 19ª Police Station, Avenida Miguel Claro 300.
  • Safety telephone number 800 20 30 11.
  • 1ª Police Station, Santo Domingo 714.
  • 2ª Police Station, Toesca 2245.
  • 3ª Police Station, Pasaje Fernández Albano 165.
  • 4ª Police Station, Chiloé 1472.
  • 32ª Police Station Transport, Santo Domingo 1180.