Tourism - Cajón del Maipo Santiago

Cajón del Maipo

EThe Cajón del Maipo is located in the south – east of Santiago and a great place to rest and to have fun with family and friends, which is just one hour from the city center, and surrounded by the Cordillera de Los Andes and its rivers: Maipo, Volcán, Yeso and Colorado.

Horseback riding, rafting, mountain biking, trekking, climbing, canopy, camping and picnicking are just some of the activities that are possible in the Cajón del Maipo, which are all embedded in vast forests and rivers and therefore great tourist attractions. If you prefer to relax you can also find hot springs in the middle of the Cordillera.

Some activities of the Cajón del Maipo are: horseback riding, rafting the river Maipo and you can enjoy a picnic and camping area. Furthermore, you can also visit the observatory and dams such as the El Yeso (main source of drinking water in Santiago).

Among its attractions is the Monumento Nacional El Morado, which is possible to reach through a walking path along the river. Moreover, there is a lagoon El Morado and the San Francisco glacier.

You can visit the Cajón del Maipo for a day or stay overnight. Accommodation options range from cabins, hotels, hostels, shelters and camping which are designed for your comfort.

The Cajón del Maipo is a way to enjoy the nature and to escape the city and explore mountains without having to travel long hours.

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