Tourism - Metropolitano Park - San Cristóbal Hill

Metropolitano Park

The Metropolitano Park is the largest urban park in Chile and one of the largest in the world, where four communes occupy a part of this land: Providencia, Vitacura, Recoleta and Huechuraba. It is formed by the Cerro San Critóbal, Cerro Los Gemelos, the sector Saldes, La Pirámide and the sector Bosque de Santiago.

The access to the Metropolitano Park is public and is open between 8:30am until 8.30pm. During this time you can do different outdoor activities such as picnics, walking and cycling. In addition, the Metropolitano Park of Santiago offers various sport activities such as yoga, air boxing, gymnastics, dance entertaining and cardio bike, as well as many other.

Inside the park you will find the National Zoo of Chile, pools, funicular and the Casa de la Cultura Anahuac.

You can also find a statue of the Virgin María, which is looking towards the city from the summit of the hill.

For more information about the Metropolitano Park you can visit Wikipedia.