Tourism - Valparaíso - Near Santiago

Near Santiago


Valparaíso is a city on the central coast of Chile. It is the main port of the country and declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

Its city is build into dozens of hills where the old and colourful houses, elevators, balconies, huge staircases, passageways and alleys assemble the magical landscape of Valparaiso. Its walls are real canvas, where artists exhibit their art.

A comprehensive tour of the city begins with climbing the hills of Valparaiso, which are more than 40 hills and some of the best known are: Bellavista, Concepción, Mountains, Polanco and Baron. In each of them you can find accommodations, bars, cafes, restaurants and craft fairs. Many hills are so high that you should take the lift.

The museums are also part of the tourism of Valparaiso, which includes La Sebastiana, former home of the poet and Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda, the Paseo Gervasoni, Cerro Bellavista and Cerro Carcel are other places you should not missing to visit.

Viña del Mar

Located 9 kilometers north of Valparaíso and 122km from Santiago, Viña del Mar is one of the tourist capitals of Chile and one of the resorts most frequently visited by Chileans and foreigners. Its infrastructure, food, entertainment and beaches invite residents and tourists to stay for awhile.

Viña del Mar is known for the largest Hispanic song festival, in which artists from all over the world annually perform. Its various activities reach all ages. On the one hand it has a lively nightlife with discos, restaurants and bars and on the other hand, you can do water sports, visiting heritage buildings and enjoy a wide range of usually based seafood.

If you are in Viña del Mar you should visit Reñaca, which is just a few kilometres away and one of the resorts in particular chosen by young people. It also offers different activities and outdoor nights.

How to get to Valparaíso and Viña del Mar? An easy way is to take the bus, which are frequently taking off from the Metro station Pajaritos.


Is a small town of approximately 10,000 population, 50 km west from Santiago, in Melipilla.

Pomaire is full of traditions, such as clay pottery and clay. It offers luxurious shopping malls and restaurants, but its main attraction is the Chilean food culture. Surely you will not go empty handed, as there are many crafts for sale, which are located in old houses of adobe.